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Now, fast food 'porn' website for anti-diet brigade!

A website has put together a collection of the world’s fattiest recipes for hard-core fast food fans.

Thisiswhyyou' showcases a selection of meals with mountainous calories, dubbed ‘fast food porn’, ranging from the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe burger to the chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar.

Food industry expert Angus Kennedy explained anti-diet brigade could have led to such a celebration of all things unhealthy.

"The more we are told a product is bad for us, the more we want it as it is fun breaking the rules," The Telegraph quoted him as saying.

One picture shows the 15lb Porkgasm, a pork belly stuffed with bacon, sausage and minced pork, swathed in more rashers, and the whole lot formed into the shape of a pig.

Its US inventor said: "My guests were all total gluttons." But he admitted: "Most of us ended up with nightmares and stomach aches."

Can live without sex, but not music!

In a recent survey it has showed up that 36 per cent Australian men have vowed they would not want to live without music.

In a new survey, one in two Australian men have admitted that they've been reduced to tears by a song.

While over three quarters of women have admitted to bursting into tears after hearing a song, 52 per cent of men have also admitted to crying.

The survey was conducted by Galaxy research for Sony Australia, reports .

The Power of Sound survey also revealed that around one in four Australians have to listen to music while they are cooking and 34 per cent admit they couldn’t drive for more than 2km without the stereo playing in their car.

The survey also revealed that 83 per cent associate times in their life with certain songs, while 36 per cent vowed they would not want to live without music.

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